• Dream Collective. Fall 2014 launch

    Please join us in welcoming the Fall season with the launch of our California Pottery jewelry collection, with brass and a preview of sterling silver pieces, and the collaboration of friends such as Ramsey Conder and Lauren Spencer King. We will be serving a Veev Prickly Pear cocktail by Pharmacie and showing Kathryn Bentley’s personal midcentury planter collection.

    There is a thoughtful little gift with each purchase of the Dream Collective Fall collection that will add joy to your home!

  • Golly Magazine 01

    Agnes Thor shoots this editorial with styling by Emily Theobald and nail art by Katherine St. Paul Hill. Oops includes Dream Collective Cuffs and other jewelry favorites like ARC or highLow.

    Astrid Cuff in ivory and Chevron Cuff in mint.